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Do you usually download the games we recommend on MiraHowTo do it on your mobile? Then you have to know that we will continue to offer some of the most outstanding in the coming weeks, so you better stay tuned. In this particular case, in fact, Let’s stop at a category that we had been consulting a lot about, the best shark games for Android, with what that means.

As you have read correctly, In this article you will find a summary or compilation of what we consider to be the best shark video games for mobile phones, those that will surely keep you entertained. Thanks to these titles, you will have the possibility to leave behind all those boring moments, and also, these are games that we can advance little by little until we can overcome them.


The best shark games

Hungry Shark World (download)

So we begin our review of the best shark games for the phone directly from the hand of Hungry shark world, an application about which we must say that it has action like very few others. Of course, we will have to put ourselves in the position of one of the kings of the waters, trying to survive as appropriate, and for this of course, we do not have to stop feeding.

Some of the characteristics of this game have to do with its very well developed three-dimensional graphics, in addition to that we will learn to know sharks better, since we will find up to 20 species of sharks in 7 size categories to collect. As we feed on other animals, our shark will also become much more powerful than before.

This app offers us up to 3 marine worlds that we have to learn to master, specifically the following: The islands of the Pacific, the Arctic Ocean and the Arabian Sea, so you better know how to navigate all of them. With up to 20 missions available that you will have to complete, it is better that you know how to combine the bonuses of the game, since otherwise it will cost you to be successful in the long term.

Hungry Shark Evolution (download)

And then, if that first game has not finished conquering you, you have to know that there are other shark games for Android, for example Hungry Shark Evolution, a somewhat improved but not as extensive version of the previous one. Again, we have to take control of a very hungry shark, and the only way to survive is by feeding on the other marine animals, so do not have mercy on them.

In this case, among the main features of the game we can find up to 14 kinds of sharks to learn more about, in addition to about 75 missions to complete using all of them. As we progress, we will unlock more and more sharks, and we cannot lose sight of the fact that there will be up to 15 lost treasures that will increase our score as the game goes on.