Android games The best tricks for Brothers in Arms 3 If you usually follow all our articles, then you will know perfectly well what else …

If you usually follow all our articles, then you will know perfectly well that more than once we talk about the main games on the market today, and together with them, we indicate some of those that we consider the perfect tricks to get the most out of them. In this particular case, we don’t want to stop talking a bit about Brothers in Arms 3, one of the most successful titles of recent times, so if you want to know some tricks, better read on.

Well, the first thing we should mention about Brothers in Arms 3 is that it is the third game in the mobile series of third person shooter, of course like the previous ones, based on World War II and developed by one of the leading video game studios today, Gameloft. However, and although the version of Brothers in Arms 3 for Android is different from that for computers, there is a lot of content, such as the tricks themselves, that we should not leave aside in any way.

For example, Brothers in Arms 3 is committed to a combat system based on squads, with which we will have to learn to form the best teams to work, traveling the fields to eliminate the enemy betting on the different possible tactics. As we rampage through enemy territory, we will be able to launch new comrades ahead, thus obtaining better positions to shoot from a distance. But what about the tricks of Brothers in Arms 3, let’s go with them finally.

Essential tricks for Brothers in Arms 3

For example, a quick tip we can give you is that shoot the enemy at the moment when he is going to throw a grenade or molotov bomb, since then it will be defenseless for at least a couple of seconds, so if we see that it is armed that way, we can well take advantage of it. In the same way, we have to say that if we manage to attack him before the grenade forms, it will explode directly at him, and you will be able to make sure you eliminate him completely without major problems.

In addition, we recommend in Brothers in Arms 3 that you attack with a Molotobomb bomb, since many times that is more efficient than the fixed machine gun, which requires too much time to eliminate enemies, especially when there are several of them that are together. Also, you should know that rescuing injured soldiers goes a long way to win grenades and other consumables. In any case, these benefits are nullified if the specific mission we are carrying out has to do with saving their lives.

While Brothers in Arms 3 is playing, you will be able to change weapons easily and simply, bearing in mind that some of them are especially recommended for that particular combat. Likewise, we can buy weapons such as submachine guns, grenades, knives and many others. And by completing special events we will also have the possibility of completing other objectives and obtaining revenues for that., such as new teammates, nameplates and consumables, among others.

Which of these tricks for the Brothers in Arms 3 that we just showed you is the one that you liked the most?