Android games The best tricks for Castillo Furioso (Castle Clash) Strategy games in what is Android without doubts …

Strategy games for what it is Android They were undoubtedly gaining quite a popularity due to their good development and that they are totally focused on a specific audience. They are not like the great strategy games that we find on computers, but perhaps a little more limited and adapted to mobile screens and obviously to what the public of that niche wants. One such popular game is Castle cash or in spanish Furious castle. Obviously, as in any game, there is a great variety of tricks or tips for the same that this time we are going to tell you in this article


Cheats and rabbits for Castle Cash, Castle Furious

Badges, be careful: Obviously badges are essential in the game, therefore, we recommend that you try not to use them at the beginning of it because later they will end up being considerably necessary. The point is that although you can have legendary heroes with them, it is best to save them for when we are more advanced.

Another advice we can give you is that you do not misuse the gems, do not use them for the talents of the different heroes, the idea is that you save them for the legendary heroes They are hard to come by, so think too hard before making use of them.

Again we talk about the famous gems and many people try to speed up the construction with them. Try not to spend them in this way because if we go to the case sooner or later the building is going to be finished and if you accelerate you run out of gems for the really important things, be patient.


Alliances are essential in this game, in this way one can become more powerful without doing practically anything, so that in this way you can get important resources.

As you will see, it is not too difficult to enjoy this famous game, the important thing is to be cautious and realize that we will not be able to have everything right now (Unless we pay for it) So arm yourself with patience to play this kind of strategy games and you will see in time and having saved your resources intelligently you will finally be able to have a much more powerful and better armed army and empire of what you would have imagined. As always and I repeat just in case, It is essential that you have a lot, but a lot of patience.

Obviously, in case you have any tips or tricks to recommend us, we are waiting for you in the comments.

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