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If what you like is driving games, then Traffic Racer is one of those titles that you need to have installed on your Android, because it is in short a too entertaining game that will make you live new emotions.


We will start by using a Volkswagen beetleYou have to do a large number of missions and as you complete all these obviously you will earn more and more money so that you can progress and acquire new vehicles.

One of the most entertaining car racing games that can run on a wide variety of mobile devices is undoubtedly Traffic racer.

A quite fun title, something different from the rest and that can keep us entertained for a large number of hours.

The game is quite addictive, free and there are many cheats for Traffic Racer that may possibly interest you, we are going to mention those tricks in this article, so that you can fully enjoy this title.

Cheats for Traffic Racer

The next trick is pretty good And the only thing that you are going to have to do in a few words is to drive on the opposite track avoiding crashing any car obviously, if you do it right you can get a huge amount of money quickly.

If you drive against the clock you can win a significant sum of money, but for this before it is necessary that you save a good amount of money in order to acquire a vehicle that is as fast as possible, then each time you win in this game mode you can acquire up to 5,000 money.

Cheats for Traffic Racer

To have a fairly high score, what we recommend is that you face the mode “endless” this way you depend on your ability to last as long as possible, but if you manage to “survive” without crashing any other car then you can score a huge amount of points.

Ideally, you should do it with two lanes to further increase the difficulty and the points that are accumulated.

Also, if you dodge the cars, but being as close as possible what you do is double the score in question, we know that it can be dangerous to do so, but without a doubt once you grab it the trick to this method you can duplicate all the points too easily.

Make money

It is very simple, all you have to do is on the screen that gives you the options to like, follow, subscribe and watch a video, do everything they ask of you.

Now you can watch videos several times, up to 10 in total.

Once it does not allow you to do it anymore, clear the application cache, disconnect from the internet for about 10 minutes and reconnect and you can watch another 10 videos again.


In this way then you get a good amount of money to continue advancing in the game and in turn get as many cars as possible, it is a good idea to do this when we want to get a fast car to be able to go against the clock, for example, so later it would be much easier and at the same time more fun to get huge sums of cash to be able to acquire so many things and customize our cars as much as possible.

Traffic Racer tips and tricks

Also if you pass between half of two cars you win a sum of points considerably high, much higher than going one car at a time.

Basically what happens in this game is that the more you risk when it comes to passing the other cars, the more points you earn and some maneuvers can be worth a fairly high sum of them, so you know, try to catch the game as quickly as possible to be able to take risks and get points as quickly as possible.

It is important to buy a good car and improve it so that you can also get much higher scores than the ones you have been getting, in short it is not complicated at all outperform in Traffic RacerIt is a matter of a bit of practice and above all planning to be able to collect as many points as possible and thus be able to improve the car and buy new things as quickly as possible.

Any kind of doubt you have regarding Traffic Racer, we are happy to help you solve it, leave it in the comments and as soon as we can answer your questions.

If you want to know more games similar to this or even other genres, we recommend that you browse the blog a little more since we have published reviews of a large number of them where you can appreciate the good and bad things that each of the titles has to offer you.

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