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Games from the Super Nintendo or SNES are a classic for those who grew up between the ’80s and’ 90s of the last century. A whole generation fondly remembers the afternoons spent in front of that old game console that at that time was the most cutting-edge in technology. To this day we can still play those classic games, but it is no longer necessary to dust off the old game console, we can do it from our mobile or tablet. This time we are going to talk about Top Gear for Android, one of the most fondly remembered racing games.

Download Top Gear (Top Racer)

The game released in Japan as Top Racer that arrived in Europe as Top Gear was a whole revolution at the time, greatly improving the car racing games that had been seen so far in the Super nintendo.

Top Gear is an arcade-type game that improved the race stages compared to its predecessors, putting at our disposal up to 32 tracks distributed between the USA, South America, Japan, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Their Graphics were of great quality compared to what had been seen until then and while we drive the car we can see some of the most significant monuments of the cities in which we are competing, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The car details are also quite detailed for what was the time. You can see the tachometer, speedometer, timer and other instruments.


Install Top Gear for Android

Top Gear is a Super Nintendo game, which implies that to be able to play it on our smartphone or tablet we will need to first get a emulator.

The emulator is an application capable of playing old games from the Super Nintendo or other video consoles, making our Android device work as if it were an old console.

There are many different types of emulators. We leave you a compilation of the best emulators and classic games for Android.

When downloading a file from a place that is not an app store we need enable the option of Unknown Sources or Origins on our phone. To do this we go to Settings> Security and enable this option. Now we can install any APK on our device.

Another issue to keep in mind is that we can download the file directly to the phone or download the APK to the computer and then transfer the file to the mobile or tablet through a USB cable.

Once everything is ready, we run the emulator and leave it installed.

The next step is to find the Top Gear ROM for Android. The ROM is the file that contains the game. In this case we recommend our article download ROMs for any emulator, in which we talk about some of the most popular websites to download this type of files and where you will find this game without any problem.

Once the ROM has been downloaded, we run it through the emulator and we can start enjoying all the excitement of Top Gear racing.