Android games Tricks for Tinker Island, the best survival game This time we bring you a guide with tricks for Tinker …

This time we bring you a guide with tricks for Tinker Island and this game is becoming one of the favorites for many people.

The plot is as simple as it is addictive. We shipwrecked on a tropical island and we have to lead the survivors. We will have to build infrastructure to survive, tame wild beasts, face enemies, solve puzzles and even search for treasures, so what is clear is that we are not going to get bored.

Download Tinker Island

Tinker Island can be download on the App Store for devices with operating system iOS 7.0 or higher versions, but you can also download on the Google Play Store for devices with operating system Android 4.2 and higher versions.

The game is free, but certain items can be purchased for real money in the virtual store. The price can vary from € 1.09 to € 109.99 per item. The purchase option can be blocked to avoid possible problems with unwanted purchases, especially if the device is used by children.


Tinker Island Features

As leader of the survivors we can choose our own adventure and direct the characters by simply sliding your finger on the phone or tablet screen.

We can explore a huge and lush setting, facing the talking island and the innumerable dangers that lie there.

Our fundamental mission will be to seek resources to survive and build better facilities, which will require us to manufacture tools and even weapons to protect our territory.

Cheats for Tinker Island

If you already have the game on your mobile or tablet, we will tell you some tricks with which you will surely advance faster.

Assign tasks based on skills

Each of the survivors found on the island has different abilities. When it comes to assigning tasks, everything will be better if you award the character who can best develop the task based on their abilities. This will advance the progress bar faster.

Disconnect sleep mode

Some of the tasks performed by the survivors are completed in minutes, while others take longer. If you are going to leave the application open so that the survivors can continue working, it is better that you disconnect the sleep mode and you regularly ensure that tasks are being completed.


Watch the videos to get gems

The downside of free games is that they incorporate advertising. On Tinker Island if we see video ads we are compensated with a gem. We can take the opportunity to see ads while the survivors work and thus we can advance further in the game. We can collect up to 10 gems a day with this system.

Don’t waste the gems

Getting the gems costs and with them we can unlock new survivors with higher abilities, so try not to spend them on things that are not really worth it. Being patient when using gems is the best way to get the most out of them.

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