Android Games The New Fashion Game Have you ever been a fan of, or

Have you been a fan of, or at the time? You have to know then that all of them have been in the past, and that right now we have a new game to get addicted in our spare time. It is neither more nor less than, the title that is in fashion right now among those who are looking for really addictive games, those that do not allow you to simply let go of your mobile.


What is about?

As we can see in the presentation image of the article, is another game that revives the classic viborita a bit that many of us, and even our parents, played on early phones. Of course, aesthetically is much better achieved, and also here the developers have given a twist to the objectives to make it more fun.

What we will have to do basically is slide through the colorful map that we can see in the images, and as we go over the colored points, we will grow in our dimensions. But of course not everything is rosy, since then we will see that a huge number of other snakes appear that move at the same time on the screen.

How do we have to grow and not die? The main thing in this regard is that you always try to protect yourself from larger snakes, since if you collide with one of them, you will disappear immediately. As you grow in size, you will be able to cross the path of other smaller snakes, and thus absorb them, in order to keep their extension.


To become true experts, we will have to learn to cross the path of other insects on the screen, and thus use them to continue and continue to grow. It will be necessary to fool other smaller players with the movements, although always taking the necessary care not to end up colliding with other greats and pay the consequences.

While playing, you will be able to observe some extremely striking details of the maps, such as that there are elevators, as well as special abilities, to make you much stronger in seconds. If you take advantage of the acceleration elements, it will be much easier for you to put yourself in front of the other snakes, and in this way you will feed on them to continue growing.

One of the advantages that has over other similar games is that We do not need to register or have to download anything to play it on our computer, so we will save a lot of time. Similarly, we do not need to have too powerful a computer, since the demands for the operation of are rather minimal. There are no excuses for not giving it a try.

How to play In the simplest way. We just have to open from there, and then we will be in a position to start enjoying this very addictive and entertaining title. Remember, as we said, that you do not need to register or download anything to start playing it, and also, that you can play both alone and by challenging all your friends.

Have you already tried What do you think?