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Blocking internet access to one or several applications on your mobile is helpful, find out why. We love tricks, and that is why in recent times we have taught you a huge number of them, such as those that are directly related to the most used mobile operating system in the world, Android.

In this case, considering that many of our readers seem to like the recommendations or tips to get more out of each of the applications that can be accessed in this environment, we are going to stop at a tutorial or step by step that you can become very useful in specific situations.

In such a way, that you do not miss it if you see that it is useful for you. Aim straight for you can block access to Android of a particular app, without affecting all the others installed.

What are the reasons to leave an App offline?

Applications to update on a mobile

As we said before, it is likely that a good number of users are wondering why someone I would like to cut off Internet access to any mobile application Android. But the truth is, there are many cases.

To take a concrete example, let’s think about that parent who does not want their child to waste time with the device until late at night, and therefore decides to use this function. Unless you have problems connecting to WIFI. In this way, the little one will not be updating social networks all the time. Clear, there are many other cases that we must take into account, but what is interesting in itself is the process, because then the needs arise by themselves.

For this reason, we must emphasize first of all that it is completely possible to block access to the network of any application that for some reason we do not want to uninstall, but we do keep away from its updates. The good thing about this is that since it is a process that many users have to carry out on their computers, we can find a huge variety of applications that have been specially developed in this sense. So we can even choose the one that best suits our needs.

Another example of when we may want to remove Internet access from an application? Think, if you usually play on your Android most of the time, surely you tend to download many games for fun in your spare time. It turns out that one of those games really fascinates you, but it doesn’t need the Internet to work. It uses the networks to send you different advertisements for other games or products all the time, which means that instead of enjoying the moment, you end up suffering from it.

How to block internet access of an application on Android mobile?

Block internet access on mobile

Although, as we said, there are many applications that we can find as part of this segment. Us in particular we are going to recommend a one called NetGuard, considering that it is one of the most complete, and in turn, one of the easiest to use.

When you have downloaded it to your Android terminal, from the link that accompanies the articleYou have to open it, accepting the different warnings, and you will see a list with all the applications that you have installed on your mobile. The operation of this application is so simple, that all you have to do is check the ones you want to remove the Internet connection from, and exit the application. Of course, if you want to re-enable access to the networks, you just have to carry out the process in the opposite way.

Of course, you have to know that NetGuard, like other similar applications, has some limits that we must take into account. Among them, for example, that it has been developed for only disable WiFi of applications, so if you have active data, it will keep updating thanks to this type of connection.

On the other hand, it is important that you know that since this app does not modify the permissions, only deactivate WiFi when we enter the application that interests us in particular, while the rest of the time you will see that it remains active.