Android How to Change Font without root on Android. Simple and No Problems Everyone at some point gets tired of always seeing the same thing …

At some point we all get tired of always seeing the same thing on our mobile that is why we always look for a launcher to change the interface, the wallpaper is constantly being changed and in some cases the font is also changed. There are many people who want to change the font of their mobile with Android operating system, but the big question that many ask themselves, is it possible to do it without having root permissions?


The reality is that changing the font is something that is being sought less and less precisely because there are many who think that it is not possible when there are several ways to do it without having to root. But not all android can change device font without rootIt is for this reason that it is important to know which ones are not and which ones. Next you will find which are the compatible phones and most importantly how to change the font without root on Android.

Change font without root

There are many ways to change the font, so if one doesn’t work, you can try the other without problems.

Compatible phones

There are several manufacturers that include various layers of customization in settings and one of them is to be able to change the font. Samsung, Xiamoi, Huawei, HTC and LG have this option and to be able to use it you have to go to Settings, then Display and then Change the font or in any case the Font size.

But there are many of the mobiles that do not have this possibility, for this reason I will tell you other methods that you can use to change the font to your Android device.


Change font with apps

There are many applications that give you the option to change the font and the size of it, the issue is that most are not compatible with several models but with some specific ones, the one we recommend is iFont since it doesn’t need root for some brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu or Huawei, the best part is that it works well and it’s free. If you want to download this application you just have to follow the following link that will take you right to the Play Store.

Use third-party Launcher

If you have an Android mobile that does not allow you to change the letter, you can easily do it using a third-party launcher. This is a very good option actually since you would make it faster and easier. In the store there are many launchers available which are very good like Nova Launcher and Go Launcher EX.

How will you notice it is possible to change the font without having to rootIt is true that you have to use a launcher or an application to do so, but we are “saved” from having to carry out a process to root the mobile.