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It is quite annoying when errors appear on your mobile of which you have no idea, how we are in a good mood and we want to help you (Yes, yes, you’re welcome) today I want to teach you how to fix “ stopped”. This is a fairly common problem that can happen to you at any time and normally occurs for two applications: one is the download manager and the other is the media storage manager.


So that you can solve this problem, I have brought you some methods that have been quite useful both for me and for thousands of users. For this reason, I recommend that you give it a try and so fix stopped.

First Method: Clear cache and data

This is one of the simplest methods so you don’t have to have any problems when you do it.

1-Go to Settings> Applications> Application manager and then click on “All”.

2-When you do, you will see a long list of all the applications that are installed on your mobile, there you will go down and search for “Google services framework”. Once you enter you will clear cache and data.

3-After you do it, you will go below and search for “Google Play Store“As you did before, you will enter and clear cache and data.

4-Then you will return to the option “Google services framework”, enter and hit Force stop and clear cache.

5-now you are going to open Google Play Store in the application panel, as soon as an error occurs you have to press accept.

6-Finally what you have to do is turn off the mobile by pressing the power button and clicking turn off. This should solve the problem for you, in case it is not like that you can try the other methods.


Second Method: Check Google Sync Storage and Media Storage Settings

1-First you have to stop the Google synchronization which you will do as follows:

Go to Settings> Accounts and Personal> Google Sync> Uncheck all checkboxes

2-Then you are going to disable and erase all the data from Media Storage which you will do like this:

Go to Settings> Applications> All applications> Media storage> Clear data> Disable / Disable

3-Then you will disable and delete all the data of Download Manager / Manager or Download Manager performing the same method as in the previous point.

4-When you do all the previous points you willpay for the device, then turn it on again, in this way you would solve the problem stopped.

Remember to activate Google Sync and Download Manager so that the mobile continues working the same as always. With either of these two methods you have to fix stopped, just try some.

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