Android How to know the model number of an Android phone If we ask you which phone you have, you will surely tell us the name …

If we ask you what telephone number you have, you will surely tell us its name, but at a technical level, mobiles are not named through their commercial name but rather through a code that usually includes numbers and letters. Knowing the technical name of the mobile can be useful in some cases, for example if we want to root the mobile. So let’s see how to find the model number of an android phone.

Let’s see an example. The Sony Xperia Z1 is just that, a Z1, however there are different varieties of it. That is, our Xperia Z1 can actually be a L39t, a SO-01F, a C6903 or a C6916 and this is something that happens with all devices that are on the market.

What this number does is identify a specific phone within all those that belong to the same series.

Knowing the model number of the phone is especially important when going to root terminal or to install an update or firmware manually. The files vary according to the phone model in question and if we introduce files into our mobile that do not correspond to the specific model we have, we can damage it.

Even if we don’t want to root, sometimes we can find ourselves with which we are asked for the phone code for something as simple as launching an application to block access to certain data on the phone. It is therefore important to know the specific model number that corresponds to our phone model.

How to find the model number of an Android phone

How to find the model number of an Android phone

If you need to know what your exact mobile phone model is, don’t worry, there are many ways to find out.

Device Information

One of the easiest options is to check the device information. For this we will Settings> About device or About phone. In this section we are going to see important information about the phone, including the model number, the version of Android that is installed, the kernel version and the build number.

Check the box

If you still have the box of your mobile you can see its technical name quickly. It is usually indicated in a white label. In the case of phones with a removable battery, that same label is usually stuck on the phone just below the battery. You can leave the sticker where it is or if you prefer you can remove it without any problem and put it somewhere where you have it closer to hand.

How to find the model number of an Android phone

Bluetooth name

If you have not changed the name of your Bluetooth signal, through your original denomination you will be able to know the phone model number you have.

As you can see, there are several options available on how to find the model number of an Android phone. With these three simple solutions that we have given you, you can find out the model number of your device in just a few seconds and without having to complicate your life.