Android How to perform a speed test on Android Sadly, we can find on many occasions that no matter how much …

Sadly, we can find on many occasions that no matter how much we are paying for a quality connection, in reality the service we enjoy is much less efficient later Than it should be Well, the truth is that there is only one way to solve this problem, and that is by using or performing a speed test to find out what Internet quality we are receiving.

The truth is especially with the arrival of mobile Internet networks that belong to the 4G segment, we find that it is possible to surf at a speed much higher than what we knew until then. However, for very different reasons it is possible that we are paying for a service that we do not receive, and then it is convenient that a speed test evacuate our doubts in this regard.

At this point, we must say that thanks to constant inquiries from users, right now there is a huge number of platforms that perform speed tests, so you better keep reading about this article. In any case, it is possible to observe that Although many of them are recommended, there are some that work better than others, such as the one called Ookla Speedtest.


How does the Speed ​​Test for Android work?

Well, possibly at this point you may be wondering how a speed test for Android works, and it is likely that many users have never done one, although we do not stop recommending them. Indeed, we have to say that these tests are important because They are the only way we can check if the Internet service we pay for, we are enjoying it.

Not only that, but many of these speed tests for Android mobile devices give us a good amount of additional information about our networks, so that we know all the details related to them. Of course, we never tire of pointing out that the Ookla Speedtest is one of the best current options when it comes to speed tests for Android.

So, once we have downloaded the official application of this service from the link at the end of this article, we will be able to run the analysis of the speed of our network in just seconds. In about half a minute, to be more specific, we will have obtained all the information about our network, so do not hesitate for a second to consider it.

Then we believe that it is important to make some clarifications about it, especially for users who are beginners in this field. The first thing to consider is that thanks to these Android speed tests, we can get specific numbers about the upload and download speed that we have at home, in addition to a series of graphics with additional information that is complete.

In the latter case, we are talking about a series of real-time graphs that show the regularity of the connection, and that are perfect to understand how the networks work, not only at that moment but in general, something very important. To these fundamental data we can then add other equally interesting ones, such as For example, the difference in speed with what the company that provides the service has promised us.

Without losing sight of all the aforementioned elements, we have to say later that we can review whenever we want the history of tests carried out by the company to see the evolution of the operation of the networks. Undoubtedly, When you have any questions of this kind, you just have to access the Ookla Speedtest Android speed test.

Download Ookla Speedtest for Android