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One of the improvements that we find in Android Lollipop It refers to the security issue and is that you could let some user access a specific screen all thanks to the fixation functions.

The little problem came when we had password or some kind of security, in this way the aforementioned stopped working and then it was necessary to use the guest mode on Android.

What is guest mode?

Basically it is that we enter the Smartphone, as if we had just bought it and there is nothing that we have installed, it is a separate account in a few words totally clean.


The deactivation of the guest mode is quite easy to carry out, since it is only necessary to delete the user account, as if it were any other user.

The applications that you have installed with the main account can be used by the guest user as long as you specify this from said account.

How to remove guest mode on Android

To be able to do this, it is not too complicated. The only thing you will have to do is simply slide the notification bar down, this must be done with two fingers and after this you will have to press on the user icon.

Now you’re going to have to gum where it says remove guest and when a pop-up window appears asking if you are sure, obviously put delete.

Keep in mind that this action evidently remove guest user mode permanently, that is, it is forever so we ask you to be very careful and be totally sure of what you are going to do before proceeding.


In any case, if you wanted keep guest user modeIt is not that it consumes too much on your device, neither of resources nor of space, so my recommendation is that, if you do not have too many important reasons to delete it, leave it just in case. You never know when it might be useful to you.

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