Android How to remove the R from Roaming on Android phones? We all know how annoying roaming is. Not only because…

We all know how annoying roaming is. Not only because of the expense of money that it involves many times for travelers, but also because if we do not intend to use it, that R usually appears so annoying to the eye that we can try to remove it. Precisely, in this particular article We wanted to give a hand to the many users who want to know how to remove the R for Roaming from their Android phones.

The first thing you have to know about it is, specifically, why this R appears so annoying, which basically happens considering that the SIM card has an identifier about which NETWORK we are using. Therefore, when it is connected to an antenna that does not have one of its usual identifiers, the system understands that it is in Roaming, and that is why it makes the classic R.

In any case, it is the same system that we must consider when we have data from a company such as Movistar for showing a case, and we intend to connect to a Vodafone, Orange or Yoigo. These are forbidden identifiers, so not only will the R not appear, but also no other letter, and in effect, we will be completely unable to enjoy mobile Internet.


The matter of the R

We then go directly to the matter of the R, regarding which we have to say that it does not appear on all mobile devices but on some, which are generally those that do not have the updated CSC package installed. This file is especially there because it contains some APN configuration files, and it depends on the commercial agreements of each company and other elements that right now do not interest us.

Beyond what we have mentioned so far, we must say that not all users should remove the R. Yes, for example if you live in Madrid and never leave the city, because the letter can be somewhat annoying. But in the case of a resident of Huelva or Badajoz, it could be a problem, since if we have Roaming activated and it connects to a network in Portugal, it could generate unknown expenses.

The network ID is made up of some internal codes. Among them we have to specifically mention the MCC and MNC, the first of them being three digits, and the second of them having two digits, so that the first three correspond to the first, and the last two correspond to the second. The MCC, just so you know, identifies the origin by country of the network, being for Spain 214. Then each operator is identified by the last two numbers.

Once you have known these details, you should know that the SIM cards of these operators will have the same codes, while the OVM will have otherSome of the most famous being the following:

  • 214-05 = OVM MoviStar (Tuenti)
  • 214-06 = OVM Vodafone (PepePhone)
  • 214-09 = OVM Orange (Simyo)

In any case, As we said before, the appearance of the famous R occurs first of all because the system is somewhat outdated. It is not serious and affects many, although we can eliminate it. In any case, it is clear that this is a more aesthetic than a functional problem, although we are going to teach you how to eliminate this annoying letter in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Modifying the build.prop file

Next we will show you some possible solutions, starting with this one that works in some very specific ROMs, although in others it causes our terminal to have problems later. The first will be open any mobile file browsing application, such as ES Explorer, Root Browser, Root Explorer or any other you have.

We look for the System folder, and we are going to modify the name of the build.prop file, going to the section “Customized property values ​​#”, and adding

  • ro.roaming.extended = true
  • ro.roaming.extended_rule = 1

under Customized property values ​​#

In some terminals you will also have the possibility to remove roaming and thus it will not be marked, which is also often annoying for many users. This will allow you to save a good amount of costs for foreign operators. To do this, you must add the following lines:

  • ro.semc.enable.fast_dormancy = true
  • = true

Once we have finished with the tutorial we save all the changes, and at this moment we will be ready to use our mobile without Roaming.