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At some point, we have all had the need to take a screenshot in order to record what appears on the screen of our mobile phone at that moment. So that no one is left in doubt, today we bring you a tutorial on how to take a screenshot with Android.

In most of the devices the most basic system to take the screenshot is press the Power button and the volume down button together, although in some telephones the combination of buttons can change and consists of pressing the Power button and Home button.

In either case, if we hold down the appropriate buttons for a few seconds, we will hear the sound of the camera and the snapshot taken will be saved in the Gallery. In some devices we can also see it in the notification bar.

How to take a screenshot with Android with gesture control

Some phones like the latest generation Samsung incorporate gesture control and one of the actions that can be done with this system is to take a screenshot.

In these cases, it is important to bear in mind that for the gesture control to work it must be activated and configured. For this you have to go to Settings> Motions and gestures and configure this option.

The most common way to take a screenshot on a Samsung mobile with gesture control is to place your hand perpendicular to the phone screen with your thumb up and make a sweeping gesture from one side of the screen to the other by dragging your finger. pinky for her. This system is known as Swipe-Across.


Take screenshot with aScreenshot

Another option when taking screenshots is to use the aScreenshot application (called Easy Screen Capture in Spanish), available in the Google Play Store. Its main peculiarity is that it allows you to take screenshots in various ways.

For example, the screen capture system can be activated through a gesture, like shaking the mobile. You can also establish a system of lag selfie, in which the mobile takes the screen capture after the time that we have established. Allows you to capture directly through the notification bar and even pressing directly on the physical search button (in the case of smartphones that have this physical button) or the physical button of the camera if the terminal has it.

We choose the option we choose, the application will allow us to save the photo made in PNG or JPEG format.


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