Android “Invalid recipient” on Android? Pretty Simple Solution This error is a pretty annoying one, to tell the truth. Despite…

This bug is a pretty annoying one, to tell the truth. Although SMS are in the past, you may need to send one for one reason or another and when this error appears it is quite annoying, especially when you are sure that you have credit and also have a signal to send a text message.

So if you get “Invalid recipient“Now we are going to show you how you should do to be able to solve this problem and not have to suffer this kind of inconvenience again.

Solution to Invalid Recipient

The first thing you should do is open “ContactsOnce you are there you will have to click on a contact.

Then go where it says Edit. Here you should check if the number is correctly entered, We know that it is silly to tell you, but on many occasions you may forget to enter a number or even enter an extra number. Some zones have characteristics that start with zero and this number should not be added, for example. When they start with 115 you shouldn’t add the first two numbers either, etc.


Invalid recipient

If the error continues, then we will have to do something else and it is something we do whenever we have some kind of problem with an application.

We are going to go to Settings, once there we will have to go to application manager and in this part we are going to search Contacts.

Once you are in Contacts, you just have to look for the button that says Clear Cache, delete all the cache and then try again adding a contact or sending a message, you will see that The invalid recipient does not appear again and you will not have any more problems with this issue.


As you can see, it is quite easy to solve this problem, it will be a matter of you first looking at the issue of how you have the number scheduled and that is important because if you later delete the cache that has a 90% chance of solving the problem, this will to follow if the number is wrongly scheduled for obvious reasons. So now you know, as silly as it may seem, you should pay a lot of attention to it How many times does the greatest nonsense end up complicating our lives?

We hope this mini tutorial will help you, remember that on the web we have many more tricks and varied solutions related to the world of Android.