Android Marshmallow vs Lollipop What are the differences? Despite the fact that we are practically with Android 7.0 and …

Despite the fact that we are practically with Android 7.0 and especially several Nexus they have it or you can install the updates. We cannot deny that most mortals we use Android we are with Marshmallow or with Lollipop, but do we know what the differences are? Leaving aside that one version or another may not matter to you or not, you have to bear in mind that you may have certain advantages or things that could be useful in a newer version.


Differences between Android 5.0 and Android 6.0

Obviously it must be borne in mind that not all devices have updated, that is a serious problem that Android manufacturers have and that is that they rarely pay attention to it for too long to possible updates. Making many have to resort to custom ROMs in order to have a more renewed version of the operating system.

For those who have been able to prove Lollipop and then Marshmallow, feel lucky, especially Samsung or Sony users.

The changes have been somewhat noticeable in general and is that for example there is now better security, something quite noticeable actually. In turn, the battery life in general of mobile devices is improving quite a bit on Android 6.0 unlike Lollipop. At the same time we find small changes in terms of design, although this is a matter of taste and as always everything can be modified so, within everything, it is the same.

Detail to detail

But so you can know all the details of Android 6.0 Marshmallow We want to leave you a video where you can not only listen to the new features and things that have been improved with respect to the previous version of Google’s operating system, but you can also view all these so that in this way it is clearer to you still, if possible, the new advantages that you will have if you decide to upgrade.


Remember to update, if you have it available, it’s totally free, there is no charge for changing the version of the operating system.

Although I repeat, many devices cannot be updated even though they meet the hardware requirements, this is mainly due to the company that manufactured the mobile. So if i go for some Android mobile I prefer to have a Nexus or go straight to the dark side with Apple knowing that, even for a little while longer, I will have updates.

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