Android Recover WiFi passwords on AndroidThe WiFi connection has become essential in our …

The WiFi connection has become essential in our day to day. We connect to the WiFi in our house, but it is also common that we have the Internet connection keys of other places that we visit frequently, such as the house of a relative or a friend. Today we will see how we can recover WiFi passwords on Android.

It often happens that we legally connect to a WiFi network outside our home but from time to time we are not able to find the key. Can we search for it on our device? The truth is that yes, but applications of this type only work with root mobiles.

Recover WiFi passwords on Android

Wifi Password to recover WiFi passwords on Android

Wifi Password is one of the most popular applications when we want to recover WiFi passwords on Android, but as we have mentioned before, it only works with rooted mobiles.

The application is free and can be download from the Google Play Store. Just click on “Install” and in a few minutes the application is ready to use.

As soon as we open Wifi Password it will ask us for root permissions and once we grant them we can see a list with all the networks saved on our mobile. In that list we can also see the WiFi keys, so that if we press on them we can transfer them to the clipboard and send them wherever we want or we can take a screenshot to have the password at hand when we need it.

Is an application very simple to use and very practical, its only drawback is that it cannot be used if the mobile is not previously rooted.

Recover WiFi passwords on Android manually

Another way to recover the passwords of the WiFi access points to which we have connected on occasion is to do it manually, but again it will be necessary for the mobile to be root.

To do manual search we open a file explorer with root permissions and we look for the data / wifi folder or data / misc / wifi and then we open the wpa-supplicant.conf file with a text editor.

This file that we have opened is going to show us the Android networks, so that we can copy, save or share them.

Both the application and the manual method allow us to quickly recover those passwords that at some point we have entered in our phone but that we have now forgotten.

Recover WiFi passwords on Android

Root the mobile

Rooting the mobile only to find the WiFi access keys that we have forgotten does not make much sense, but if you want to improve your control over the phone and eliminate the limitations imposed by the developer of the operating system, there are multiple applications that can help you root your mobile.

The use of these types of applications is quite simple and they will allow you to have better control over your smartphone, installing new applications such as Wifi Password and allowing you to delete the applications that are installed by default, among other things.

Do you know other applications that can be used to recover WiFi keys?