Android Remove Malware from Android and Leave the OS Clean It is not the first time that we learned that Android …

Android Remove Malware from Android and Leave the OS Clean It is not the first time that we learned that Android …

It is not the first time that we find out that Android suffers from malware attacks, without going any further, even some applications in the Play Store are infected with malicious software, luckily there are few and they generally find and eliminate them almost immediately. some occasions it may take a little longer. Leaving aside that security is an important issue in any kind of device that connects to the Internet, that is why today I want to talk to you about this issue in the article that we have ahead, about the Android security and on how to prevent, but also remove malware on Android.

Prevent malware

It is essential that we know how to prevent being infected with malicious software, beware that it is not that any kind of advice or things you do will be final and infallible so that never be infected with malware, it is always possible to get hooked on some malicious software.

No antivirus can defend you 100% of this problem, you have to do a combination of the antivirus with yourself, try not to download APK files from untrustworthy websites, in addition to that when we are going to download something from the Play Store, first read the comments well to see if someone had some kind of problem.

The operating system updates are essential to always keep any kind of vulnerability of the version of Android you use patched for say in some way. Also try not to connect to Wi-Fi networks without a password, better use mobile data.

Remove Android Malware

First of all you have to run an antivirus just in case, it is not 100% effective, but it helps a lot to eliminate some malicious software.

Another thing you have to do is basically make a bit of memory and kill whatever kind of application you suspect. Remember that since you installed X application the problems began, then you should check if that app is doing something that it should not, uninstall it and then restart the mobile to see how it goes.

In case you cannot uninstall it then here we are facing a malware that does not want to leave, just root the mobile, there are several tutorials on the blog and after that we are going to install an application called root unistaller that can basically uninstall you absolutely everything you want without any buts whatsoever.

Remember that in many cases a hard reset can work, it would be a complete format, but in some cases this is not a solution, so keep in mind.