Android Setting up a monopod on Android Selfies have become very fashionable in recent …

Android Setting up a monopod on Android Selfies have become very fashionable in recent …

Selfies have become very fashionable in recent years, so much so that many users want to know everything about how to set up a monopod on Android. The monopod is nothing more than the popular selfie stick.

The selfie is actually a selfie in which one or more people can be taken. This type of photography has become very popular on social networks and has led to the appearance of new gadgets like the selfie stick, which in recent years has become one of the most demanded objects and that nowadays is not lacking in any souvenir shop.

Taking a selfie with a mobile phone or a tablet is not always easy, as the length of our arms means that the framing that is done is not always the best. The monopod or selfie stick is the best solution for those photos to turn out well.

Selfie stick designs are very varied, most of them have been designed to be light and easy to handle and that they can be held high for long periods of time without causing fatigue. The vast majority of them are also extensible to be able to find the perfect angle for the photo.

The most advanced models connect to the mobile or tablet via Bluetooth, making taking the picture even easier.


Set up a monopod on Android

When configuring a monopod on an Android device, we must first choose which of the two cameras of the mobile device we are going to use. To take a selfie we must choose the front camera.

Once the secondary camera is in use we can select timer in the camera application and thus gives us time to get into position and properly hold the monopod before taking the photo. This system is the most recommended when the monopod can’t connect with the phone directly.

In those devices that have Bluetooth, it is best to link both devices in order to control the exact moment of the photo.

Pair your phone and selfie stick

Although each model of monopod is different, in most devices that have Bluetooth the operation is very similar. We press the shutter button for a few seconds until the light begins to flash and then we search from the mobile for the device with which we want to pair.

To search for new Bluetooth devices from a phone or tablet with Android operating system we are going to Settings> Bluetooth and we activate it.

Once it has been activated we can see the devices that are visible to pair them.


How to use the monopod?

Once the devices are connected, all you have to do is hold down the shutter button until the sound that indicates that the photo has been made successfully sounds.

The photos taken, as usual for all mobile phones, are stored in the Gallery.

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