Android Solution: Slow loading on Android Mobile device loads generally take a long time, although in …

Android Solution: Slow loading on Android Mobile device loads generally take a long time, although in …

Mobile device charges generally take a long time, although in the latest phones the famous fast charges make our life much easier because you do not have to worry because you will be waiting a few hours to have 100% of your battery. Now with the famous fast charges of the latest mobile phones in one hour at most you already have the 100% battery charged.

When we live from one place to another, we not only need a device that has a battery that lasts all day, it is also necessary to have a mobile that is capable of charging as fast as possible, that’s why fast charges are so good And the idea of ​​going back to those time-consuming loads isn’t exactly one of the best options.

It is not at all strange that our device presents one or the other charging problemThat is why we are going to talk about the inconveniences you could have when charging your mobile and the time it takes to do so.

Slow charging on Android phone

Original USB: It is undoubtedly one of the big problems, because most people think they are the same, but be careful not, the cables that we can buy in mobile phone stores are actually standard, they are not of excellent quality like the ones that come With mobile phones, in addition to the fact that they are not regulated to send the necessary voltage for the mobile to charge with just enough energy, you have to use the original cable yes or yes.

Damaged battery: It is clear that it is a fairly large possibility, maybe, if your Smartphone is years old or even weeks, but you had the bad luck that you just touched a mobile that came damaged, the battery is a serious problem. If you can extract it urgently try another.

ChargerKeep in mind that it is not only the USB cable that has to be original, also the charger, everything has to be the original that came with the mobile. In case you have lost or damaged it, even if you try to buy a charger of the same brand as your mobile device, it is not the same, but better than a standard one.

Another thing that more than anything is a little tip, when you are charging the mobile deactivate absolutely everythingEven put the mobile in airplane mode, the less active things you have, the faster it will load.