Android Tricks to speed up the 3G of my Android mobile Although it is true that most of the smartphones that …

Although it is true that most smartphones on the market today are compatible with 4G LTE networks, still many users have older ones that use the 3G networks available. There are even those who have terminals with 4G LTE prefer to use 3G networks because they do not require as much speed and do not want to spend more at the end of the month than they expected.

In any case, if you usually use 3G mobile Internet connections, you have to know that there are many ways, tricks to call them in some way, that will allow you to make these networks work much faster. Precisely, the idea of ​​this article has to do with teaching you some tricks to speed up 3G that we believe will be of great help when it is running too slow.

You will even see that it is a tutorial that everyone can take advantage of because basically we are going to teach you some of the best free applications available in the Google Play store to speed up your mobile 3G. To do this, we are going to mention up to three alternatives that we consider to be among the best today, although as always, we also recommend looking for others if necessary.

Tricks speed up 3G

Applications to speed up the 3G signal

OpenSignal (download)

In terms of applications that allow us to increase the speed of our mobile networks, we have to say that it has been a long time since OpenSignal It is one of the best options that the Google Play Store offers us. It has been developed to access nearby signal emission points, increasing the capacity of our connection, although be careful, because it also consumes a lot of battery.

Internet Speed ​​Booster (download)

If what you want is to significantly increase the speed of your Android Internet connection, you have to know that there are few applications better than Internet Speed ​​Booster inside the store of these equipments. Among the strengths of this platform we have to mention that it is really easy to use, plus it does not require that our device be rooted or anything like that.

Stabilizer Booster Connection (download)

We move on to the third option that we think you should take into account within this segment, specifically an application called Stabilizer Booster Connection, which avoids the instability that networks can present. For the rest, it should be noted that we will need the rooted mobile in your case, although if we are experts, we can get much more out of it than the previous ones.

Speed ​​Test Bonus (download)

Speed ​​Test Bonus It is the last of the applications to accelerate mobile networks that we think you should take into account, to the extent that it is also free, but it works to measure our connection speed. It performs a series of checks about the operation of the networks, both for uploading and downloading content, so that we know if we should use the previous ones or not.