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Browsing the Internet is entertaining and very useful, but it has its risks. Accessing certain web pages or downloading certain content may cause our computer to infect with virus if you are not protected.

Since nobody likes to go through the experience of having an infected computer, let’s see how download Avast.

What is Avast?

There are innumerable antivirus for our computers. The biggest drawback of some of them is that despite being very effective they have a very high price.

So high that its acquisition in most cases does not compensate a particular user, which ends up being cheaper to pay for the repair of the computer than spending hundreds of euros on an antivirus.

Until a few years ago it was not possible to find quality free antivirus, but then Avast appeared.

This antivirus is today one of the most used worldwide. It is completely free and has little or nothing to envy the paid ones. It also follows updating frequently to be always up to date with the new threats that arise to the security of our devices.

Avast takes care of remove any threats through a complete analysis of every corner of our hard drive, but also offers additional features such as cleaning browsers, improvements in home network security, intelligent analysis, etc. all with the aim of avoiding any type of unwanted intrusion.

Download Avast

Download Avast for free on your computer

In these cases it is best to do the download from the official website of the product. We facilitate the work of having to search for it, you can access directly from this link.

Once we are on the web we choose to download the free version. The page will automatically show us three different versions of the antivirus so that we can see the services it offers in each of its security plans.

We choose to download the free version again and then redirects us to the Softonic website. There we click on the green button that indicates “Free Download” and on the next screen we click on the green button that indicates “Free Download”.

Once the download has finished, we execute the program and the installation window opens. Click on “Install”. A pop-up window will appear at the bottom of our computer screen indicating that Avast is installing.

Once the installation is finished we already have our computer well protected. To ensure that we do not have any virus, it is advisable to do a Deep analysis as soon as you install Avast and then perform periodic analyzes to make sure that there are no viruses on your computer.

Download Avast

Other options to protect your computer

Avast is one of the best antivirus that we can find to protect our computer, but it is not the only option. There are also other antivirus that work very well, such as AVG, Panda or BitDefender, you can learn more about them in our article on the best antivirus for computer. If what you want is to protect your mobile, discover the best antivirus for Android.

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