Apple begins distribution of the beta SDK for the iPhone

Apple is providing a number of selected developers with the preview version of the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK).

According to information from Electronista, there is already a previous version of this software, capable of compiling applications also for the iPod touch.

Although the contents of this kit are unknown, the information indicates that it allows creating native applications and that it has a philosophy similar to Google’s OpenSocial.

As indicated in said information, “The [uso del] SDK is not the same as writing an application for Mac OS X, and it has its own limitations, as indicated by users familiar with the matter, “indicating that” at least “one of the major social networking websites is interested in possibilities of the native implementation of your service.

In an interview with Fortune, Greg Joswiak (Worldwide Vice President of Product Marketing for the iPod) stated “I think the software development kit (SDK) that will be available for the iPhone is very interesting, since we think that added to the revolutionary multi-touch interface and the phenomenal product that is the iPhone, and also having OS X as a base layer, it will be an excellent platform for developers “; to which he adds, “Of course, we want to make sure the phone is reliable and secure, and this is why we are taking a little longer than expected to publish said SDK.