Apple denies that Apple TV has a “back door”

Apple denied that its AppleTV has a back door with which the company can deactivate the modifications made to this device and thus prevent patches and modifications that are developed by the users themselves from being applied.

Recently, many reports have emerged from different hacker sites in which it was indicated that many developers who were expanding the possibilities of this device have seen that the code that they had inserted into the device disappeared overnight. Which has caused speculation about the possibility that Apple may have a back door in its AppleTV that would allow it to return the device to its initial state.

The report explains Apple’s position in the face of these accusations, which can be briefly summarized in that Apple indicates that the product belongs to whoever buys it and that its owner can do with it what they want but must be aware that the warranty does not is voided. At the same time it is indicated that the modifications may not remain inside the AppleTV since it has not been built as the hackers suppose.