Apple denies that the iPhone will be distributed in Spain with Telefónica

Apple, on the other hand, has not offered any information in this regard that could indicate which operator (if there will be one) that distributes the iPhone with some type of offer.

Apple Spain has reiterated that the period until the phone reaches Europe is almost a year, so during this period negotiations will be carried out with the different operators. At the moment, they have affirmed, there is no agreement with anyone.

Silence until June

Apple has also expressed that it is very likely that little more explanation will be given regarding the product until the final version is released. Thus, for example, although it has been claimed that the main processor of the iPhone is not manufactured by Intel (as was originally thought), it is not known who is the supplier of the chips. It is also unknown if the phone will be a “closed” platform like the iPod is now, or if third parties will be able to create applications for the device.

On the other hand, the graphic power that the iPhone seems to have and its acceleration, proximity, luminosity and touch screen sensors predispose it as a very interesting platform for games (in fact, in the official forums of Sony’s PSP portable console, the iPhone has caused quite a stir and many users admit that the Apple device can have quite an impact as a platform for entertainment.)

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