Apple Download Download iKeyboard for iOS. A Different Keyboard for Apple Devices Possibly one of the most downloaded applications in both the operating system …

Possibly one of the most downloaded applications in both the Android and iOS operating systems are the famous keyboards. And it is that obviously we are all different and not necessarily a certain keyboard has to be comfortable for everyone, so it is very good that we have the possibility to choose between several keyboards and for Apple users today I want to recommend that you give a chance to this app and get to download iKeyboard for iOS.


A different keyboard

It has many interesting things that you may like, as I always say: It is one thing to read what others say and another thing to try those things. Leaving aside that you love what I am going to tell you or not, we recommend that you try it the same to get rid of any doubts you may have, it is not that you waste too much time.

The windows it basically has are that it has a huge amount of emoticons, but HUGE. In addition to having a wide variety of themes to customize the keyboard in question, we can use different Emojis and Stickers that are very cute, entertaining and above all entertaining to use with your friends.

It is even possible to use Smile keyboard, so stay tuned with this. It has Text Face And the auto-correction is quite powerful, so if you are to err too much with the letters, it will be very helpful.


Download iKeyboard for iOS

Unfortunately you will not be able to get this keyboard for iOS, it is a pity we know it because its quality is quite good, but for some strange reason in life we ​​cannot find it available for the Apple operating system.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of alternatives so that you can keep trying different keyboards for iOS.

I personally want to recommend you Swiftkey It seems to me that it is by far one of the best keyboards on any operating system, with a high-quality auto-checker that gradually learns from our way of writing, in a short time you will be able to write great texts without errors.

In addition, there are others such as: Slash Keyboard, Gboard, GIF Keyboard They are still very good keyboards, but I must admit that personally they do not convince me, as I said at the beginning, not necessarily because I don’t like them, you don’t have to like them. I recommend that you try them one by one and draw your own conclusions.