Apple Introduces Final Cut Server

Final Cut Server is a scalable server application that supports workgroups of any size; includes a multiplatform client that allows content exploration, review and approval both within the studio and via the Internet. Final Cut Server automatically catalogs large collections of digital media and allows searching across multiple volumes through an intuitive user interface. Final Cut Server is designed to manage the flow of work as media and projects flow from producer to editor to creator, through the entire production process.

“The powerful media management capabilities of Final Cut Server simplify managing the thousands of content that make up a typical editing process,” says Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Product Marketing. “And sophisticated automation tools Final Cut Server workflow features ensure projects flow smoothly and seamlessly through the organization, enabling everyone to be more productive. ”

Final Cut Server catalogs the contents automatically, generating thumbnails and proxi clips in low resolution during the process. Extensive search capabilities range from simple keywords to complex combinations of IPTC, XMP, and XML metadata. Final Cut Server can configure a variety of very specific access controls that define user permissions based on media / content or projects.

Final Cut Server includes customizable templates that handle the typical workflow in TV, post-production, and educational environments. Sophisticated “view-and-respond” systems can be configured to track content progress, alert editors as projects progress through the production flow, and automatically notify producers by email when a project is in progress. ready for evaluation. Plus, location-independent approval and review tools allow customers to view, annotate, and approve content from anywhere.

Final Cut Server includes a time-saving editing and sequence selection tool that is seamlessly integrated – no more than drag and drop, with projects in Final Cut Pro 6. An offline / online workflow allows editors to work with HD proxies anywhere on a MacBook Pro laptop. Final Cut Server integrates directly with Compressor 3 for broadcasting, delivering ultra-high-quality format conversions for TV, web, iPod, Apple TV, DVD, and mobile phones.

Final Cut Server will be available this summer in the Apple Store on the Internet ( and in the points of sale of the Apple distribution channel in Spain, at the recommended price of 949 EUR (VAT included) for a server and 10 concurrent client licenses, and with a recommended price of 1,899 EUR (VAT included) for a server and an unlimited number of client licenses.