Apple is a brand that builds trust

Outlaw Consulting, based in San Francisco, has released a report that reveals that Apple is among the 20 brands that generate the most trust and make products more user-friendly among people between 21 and 27 years old.

Apple tops the list for the “you trust the most” question, in which respondents were asked to identify the brands they trusted the most from a list of 100 highly reputable companies.

Holly Brickley, technology analyst at Outlaw, indicates that one of the aspects that has helped Apple the most to be considered one of the brands with the greatest transparency in its products is, without a doubt, the use of packaging that avoids excess ornamentation and they are limited to being functional and attractive. Among the responses obtained by those surveyed, one can find phrases such as “Apple computers and iPods are products with a very clean design and very easy to use.”

The study was completed at the end of last year and its results have been made public this week.