Apple patents a 3-D Dashboard

Instead of filling the Dashboard layer with multiple widgets, Apple has created a way to group common widgets into multiple dashboards organized in the system through Spaces, a new feature in Mac OS X Leopard aimed at ease of organization and use. of applications.

In this way, a Dashboard view could contain the widgets related to work, while another could contain the widget related to other recreational or personal matters.

Apple has filed a patent application for “multiple Dashboards” on February 1, 2006. The patent describes a system that will allow the concept of dashboard to be extended to allow users to create and configure multiple Dashboard views so that they can manage the more and more widgets available.

One particularly interesting note is the description of the dashboard interface in a 3-D cube. Users can rotate the cube to display different collections of widgets. Through the use of animated three-dimensional and two-dimensional graphic objects, the patent filed by Apple indicates that more than one Dashboard is allowed to be displayed simultaneously to the user.

Apple is also investigating how to customize key combinations to switch between different Dashboards.