Apple releases Final Cut Express 4

Apple releases Final Cut Express 4

With its new Open Format Timeline, users can automatically mix and convert DV, HDV and AVCHD materials in real time. The application automatically performs the necessary scaling, as well as cropping operations and adjustments to the frame rate per second, according to Apple.

When you start a new project, Final Cut Express 4 automatically configures everything you need based on the first clip that is dragged onto the timeline.

It also includes more than 50 new FxPlug filters, such as Soft Focus, Vignette and Light Rays, and improves the audio controls allowing the audio level of each clip to be automatically increased to the maximum without distortion by means of the new Soft Normalize and Gain adjustments.

Final Cut Express is priced at 199 euros. Registered users of previous versions can upgrade to Final Cut Express 4 for a total of 99 euros.