Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.9

Among the changes in 10.4.9, it is worth highlighting the improvements made to the support of the RAW file format; the handling of large malformed images that can lead to computer crashes; Image Capture performance; support for keyboard shortcuts and mouse scrolling; managing sources; the quality of playback and use of bookmarks on the DVD player; support for USB video conferencing cameras with iChat; digital certificates created with Windows; the Print and Open dialogs in Rosette applications on Intel-based Macs; DST and time zone changes for 2006 and 2007, and various security updates.

Mac sync performance has also been improved as well as some sync issues fixed; some issues related to the feature corresponding to getting out of sleep, related to Bluetooth devices have also been fixed; several changes have been made to iCal; USV Video Class camera support added in iChat; the number of devices supported by iSync has been increased; support for WPA2 encryption in Network Diagnostics; various performance aspects of Intel iMac connected to high speed network switches; improvements to the reliability of OpenGL graphics in World of Warcraft, etc.