Apple Releases Two Software Updates for Xsan

Xsan is the enterprise-oriented local area storage (SAN) solution that enables multiple computers to concurrently access terabytes (and even petabytes) of information stored in an Xserve RAID over high-speed Fiber Channel.

The two updates are Xsan 1.41 Filesystem Update and Xsan 1.4.1 Admin Update.

The Filesystem Update fixes numerous issues related to overall reliability, usability, and compatibility. Some of the improvements solve problems related to errors detected in memory, reduce fragmentation and compatibility with third-party applications.

The 9.2 MB Admin Update improves reliability for remote administration tasks, as well as Xsan configuration and startup. It also improves the labeling and initialization of Fiber Channel LUNs (logical drive number) with sizes greater than 2 TB; expansion of storage pools and volumes. It also prevents changes made to custom settings from being overwritten.