Apple Releases Various Software Updates

Five of the nine released updates, and which are available through the Mac OS X Software Update feature, are related to energy saving rules approved for 2007 and affecting various areas of Canada, Austria, and Brazil. Apple has also released two Java updates that add support for these new rules, one for Mac OS X 10.3 and the second for Mac OS X 10.4.

Additionally, the WebObjects 5.3.3 update also takes care of incorporating the new saving rules to the software for creating web applications.

Bug fixes

Three of the updates are related to solving the security problems detected by Kevin Finisterre and the hacker “LMH” during the “Month of Apple Bugs” event, and in which the aim was to expose the flaws existing security in Apple products and products that work on Apple systems.

The patches, labeled Security Update 2007-002, are available for Panther, PowerPC, and as a Universal version.

On systems running on Tiger, the update addresses a problem whereby “a maliciously created disk image could crash an application or run arbitrary code.”

In the systems that work on Tiger or Panther, the update is in charge of correcting a problem related to Bonjour whereby “an attacker could cause the iChat to hang while acting on a local network”.

On systems running Tiger or Panther, the update addresses a vulnerability whereby an AIM URL handler could “cause an application to hang or arbitrary code execution,” according to Apple.

Finally, on systems running on Tiger or Panther, the update resolves a vulnerability whereby the UserNotificationCenter process could potentially grant malicious users access to the system.

Final Cut Pro 5.1.3

Finally, apple has also updated Final Cut Pro to version 5.1.3, an update that according to Apple’s information “provides important solutions to detected problems.” Based on information for Final Cut Pro, the update includes patches that add compatibility to rendered files between PowerPC and Intel-based Macs; it also re-implements some lost keyboard shortcuts to the default keyboard template, and fixes an issue with applying the dissolve filter to nested sequences containing still images.

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