Apple requires $ 2 fee to activate AirPort 802.11n

Apple requires $ 2 fee to activate AirPort 802.11n

During last week’s Macworld Expo, Apple introduced a new AirPort Extreme wireless base station that supports the new, faster communication standard. This device includes an application responsible for activating the support of this standard in most of the latest Macs.

This software updates most Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Xeon-equipped Macs so that they can support the IEEE 802.11n wireless standard, which is currently still in draft form. This standard supports communication speeds up to five times faster, offering superior coverage that can reach twice the distance compared to the 802.11g standard. The new base station will be available at the same time as Apple TV, the device that allows you to store movies and other digital content as well as send digital content from your computer to the television screen.

While the update software is supplied with the new AirPort Extreme Base Station, Mac users who have routers with 802.11n capabilities and want to activate the new communication standard on their Macs can download the software from Apple for what Apple has called the “token amount” of $ 1.99.

Apple plans to include 802.11n software in all new Macs that contain the appropriate hardware.