Apple TV is getting a picture-in-picture mode for …

Apple TV is getting a picture-in-picture mode for …

Apple TV is getting a picture-in-picture mode that will allow users to stream two shows at the same time, TechCrunch confirmed. The upcoming feature release was first reported by Apple’s 9to5Mac news site earlier today, following the release of today’s new beta software for all Apple operating systems, including tvOS.

After installing tvOS beta 2, Twitter user Nikolaj Hansen-Turton noticed a new option: the ability to play content in a smaller window at the bottom right of the screen, overlaid on top of Apple’s main interface. TV. Or it is simply a picture-in-picture mode. (See the tweets below).

Several publications soon published the news.

But what wasn’t clear at the time was whether it was just a minimized video player window or a true picture-in-picture experience. The tweeted photo and video, after all, seemed to show a static background on the main screen, not two shows playing simultaneously. However, we understand that Apple TV will support the ability to stream two shows at the same time.

However, there are some caveats.

Picture-in-Picture support will only be available for content provided by Apple in the Apple TV app. That includes content purchased through iTunes, TV shows and movies streamed to the Apple TV + subscription service launching later this year, and videos streamed through Apple TV channels.

The channels, which arrived with the updated TV app in May, allow users to subscribe to premium add-ons like HBO, Starz, Showtime, EPIX, Tastemade, Smithsonian Channel, and others. The idea is similar to the premium subscriptions available through Amazon’s Prime video channels or the newer subscriptions offered through Roku’s hub, The Roku Channel.

To be clear, that means that if you subscribe to HBO through Apple Channels, be You will be able to watch HBO in Picture-in-Picture mode when the new version of tvOS launches to the public later this fall. But if you subscribe to HBO through the website and then view it through the third-party HBO NOW app, It is not going to Be able to use Picture-in-Picture mode.

Apple intends to expand its catalog of premium subscriptions in time, which will allow more programming to be seen in Picture-in-Picture mode in the future.

Apple has yet to announce plans for third-party development tools that allow them to customize their own applications to support Picture-in-Picture mode. If they’re not immediately available, it gives Apple TV owners a compelling reason to subscribe to premium programming through Apple TV channels, rather than through a third-party website or app. (Which would also be a nice revenue benefit for Apple’s TV platform.)

Support for Picture-in-Picture mode was not announced earlier this month at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company unveils its upcoming software releases, making today’s reveal a pleasant surprise for. Apple TV fans.

We understand that Picture-in-Picture mode will be compatible with both Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.