Apple updates the Xserve RAID to 10.5 Terabytes

Apple updates the Xserve RAID to 10.5 Terabytes

According to Doug Brooks, product manager for Apple’s Storage and Servers group, “Customers are using RAID for broadcast, design, video, and education. We have a large number of users with huge storage needs.”

According to Brooks, the low cost per gigabyte is helping Apple sell systems to existing Xserve customers in addition to users of other systems. Xserve RAID integrates into mixed Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and NetWare environments

Brooks indicates that competing products are three to five times more expensive in cost per gigabyte compared to the Xserve RAID.

According to Apple, the Xserve RAID offers an average speed of 380 MB per second read operations and 301 MB per second write operations. The system also supports uncompressed high definition (HD) in real time, as well as editing multiple streams of standard definition (SD) video without loss of frames.

Apple will sell the higher capacity drives separately, allowing users of previous 7TB Xserve RAIDs to upgrade if they wish. Apple will continue to sell the 7 TB product, in which the price has been reduced.