Apple will soon have a global recycling system for iPods

Steve Jobs has confirmed that they plan to expand the iPod recycling service to the world starting in summer, according to a note posted by Jobs on Apple’s own website.

Thus, it indicates that all US retail stores where iPods are sold accept unwanted iPods for later recycling. At the same time, Apple is offering a 10 percent discount to customers who buy a new iPod and return their old model.

“This summer we will expand this model in Apple retail stores around the world, and we also expanded the service to include free shipping from anywhere in the United States,” Jobs stated, adding, “No product purchases are required. for any of our recycling programs ”. It also indicates that Apple has a very strict policy on recycling with those companies it works with and warns that all electronic waste that the company collects in North America is processed in North America ”, nothing is transported out of there for further processing.

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