Applications Does your mobile get very hot? Applications to cool down your phone It is not at all strange that every so often we come across …

It is not at all strange that every so often we find that our mobile device gets too hot, you do not need to worry about this more because within everything it is something normal that has happened to several of us in our lives, you have to take it easy and try to find the reason for because it gets too hotIn turn, we are going to leave you several solutions so that you can deal with the problem without having to lose your cool on the way.

Cool your mobile with apps

Cooler Master: The application is one of the best that we are going to find in the Play Store, it is in charge of finding the processes that in a few words make the phone too hot, in this way it will find and analyze all the applications that are consuming too many resources of our mobile phone to close them and obviously when doing so the temperature of the same will begin to drop rapidly. If you want to try this great application, download it from right here.

Super coler: The app works in a similar way to the previous one, the idea is that it finds the apps that consume more resources and that obviously not only heat up the mobile, but also make it work less fluidly, which obviously reduces the heat and improves its performance, so it is even good not only to cool the phone but to improve its fluidity, improving memory consumption, etc. You can get this app here.

CM Game Booster: In case you are addicted to video games and want to considerably improve your experience in them, then it is essential that you have this app installed on your mobile, you do not have many options. What happens is that this app helps to improve lag in games, improving speed, making them more fluid by up to 30% and even improving their launch speed (We barely execute them) in this way you find a Pretty good app for any gamer who uses his mobile to enjoy a few hours of fun. Download said app from this link.

Apps to cool the phone

As you can see there are many apps that serve to lower the temperature of the phone and in this way cool it as it should always be, try each one of them, but do it separately to avoid any kind of problem you may have.