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There are many options in Android when we talk about keyboards and it is that, after all, it is one of the things that we use the most on our mobile devices, so it is not surprising that there are many applications that try to become the favorite of each one of we. Today we have to talk about Gboard, This keyboard is really fantastic and, if we are going to the case, we are talking about one created by Google, therefore, at least, we have guaranteed quality, after you like it or not, we will see that. But let me tell you a few things before you start download Gboard for Android.


Obviously like any keyboard we have several interesting things, first of all, the famous emojis, although we can also use Glide Typing, something that many love. The prediction of words in our language is quite good in all, although I get the impression that in this aspect it would not be bad if it is improved a little, since there are several keyboards that little by little “learn” from the user and the improvement is noticeable over time.

Download Gboard for Android

Unfortunately I have very bad news for you and that is Gboard is not available for Android devices. Surely you are wondering what logic it has that the keyboard of Google, owner of Android, is not available for its operating system. It is the same question that we all ask ourselves, but the idea is supposed to be in a few words to try to β€œattack” other OS little by little with apps developed by the Internet giant, for now it is available for iOS, so device users Apple can get hold of it.


Download keyboards for Android

There is also a great variety of keyboards for Android that are very good and of an amazing quality, we are going to recommend you for example Slash Keyboard and for me the best of all, the Swiftkey keyboard.

To download either of the two mentioned above, you must follow the link that each one has to take you to the official Google store.

Look for the button that says “Install”, press on it and you will have to give it the permissions that the application asks for, once this is done, the download begins and then it will be installed, open the application and follow the steps that it tells you to be able to activate and configure the new keyboard that you will use from now on.

One of the best things you can do is try various keyboardsWe recommend the two that we think are the “best” of all there are, but for tastes there are the colors, do not stay with just one without having tried the rest because out there, you are missing the opportunity to write faster and comfortable for not deciding to try someone else.

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