Applications Download Google Opinion Rewards for AndroidIf you want to get certain cheaper applications in the store …

If you want to get certain cheaper applications in the Google store you should definitely download Google Opinion Rewards, a very interesting tool with which Google will reward each time we participate and give our opinion in the Play Store, among other things, by accessing certain paid content with discounts.


Once the application is downloaded what we are going to see is a series of questions that Google asks us In this way, the system can see what kind of user we are and thus decide what kind of surveys we are going to receive once a week. Although it must be borne in mind that from time to time, depending on some variants, we may receive different surveys more often than normal.

How does it work?

When you do not have any survey waiting you will receive alerts about them, in this way when there is one available it will arrive in the form of a notification for when you think it is convenient to start answering it. Keep in mind that not all of them offer us free credits. However, the good thing is that those that do offer a good amount and if we are constant we will be able to access several applications for free, apps that are paid, totally free.

So, being questions of all kinds, the variety as you will be imagining is enough so that at no time does it become monotonous, but quite the opposite, being even entertaining and more if we think about the fact that by losing perhaps some how many minutes we can access certain paid applications or games totally free.


Download Google Opinion Rewards for Android

To download Google Opinion rewards for Android we will only have to enter the Google store, once we are there by following this link that we leave you here, you will have to look for the button that says “Install”.

Now a pop-up window appears that asks you for certain permissions, you must accept the same and the download will start immediatelyOnce finished, everything is installed automatically and you can start answering the different questions that Google has for you.

As I said, if you have patience you can access paid apps for free or if you don’t have too much patience you can finish different surveys and use those credits that Google offers us to make an app that cost 10 euros, for example, end up costing much less .

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