Applications How to eliminate the Luka PrestaMobile phone operators operate differently in those …

Applications How to eliminate the Luka PrestaMobile phone operators operate differently in those …

Mobile phone operators operate differently in the countries where they provide services. In Chile it is very common to hear about the Presta Luka when it comes to prepaid mobiles and there are many users who wonder how to remove Presta Luka.

What is Presta Luka?

It is a program through which mobile phone operators offer their customers recharges as a loan. That is, if the mobile phone runs out of balance, the customer can request that loan from the operator so as not to be cut off (Presta Luka) and then the phone company will deduct it when the phone is recharged.

Although it is usually written with “k”, the truth is that the correct spelling is Presta Luca. It should also be clarified that this is the specific name that the company’s prepaid mobile loan service receives Entel.

Operators like Movistar or Claro have similar programs called SOS Movistar Y Easy Lend, but the truth is that Presta Luka has become the common name for all of them.

How to remove Presta Luka

How does it work?

In the case of SOS Movistar, what you have to do is press * 303 # to access the service and request between 1,000 and 2,000 soles.

Claro’s system is responsible for facilitating up to 1,000 soles to those of its customers who have run out of balance, while the Presta Luca de Entel offers balance loans to customers with less than 500 soles of balance on your prepaid phone.

How to remove Presta Luka

The benefit that operators obtain with this service is that they usually charge some type of interest or surcharge when the user returns the loan.

Although there are many doubts about how to eliminate Presta Luka, the truth is that it cannot be removed. From the moment the service is requested, the telephone company that has acted as provider of the balance is pending of all the money inflows that reach the prepaid mobile in order to collect the outstanding debt.

How to remove Presta Luka

Trick to not pay Presta Luka

Formerly there was a trick to not pay Presta Luca from the Entel telephone company. What users did was request the Luca loan by calling 103 from an Entel prepaid mobile phone and letting five days pass (at that time the debt increased by 50 soles more than the amount borrowed).

Then the users looked for a third party that would make a balance transfer of exactly 1,000 soles. When carrying out the operation, an SMS arrived stating that a certain amount of money had been deducted from the prepaid mobile balance and an SMS automatically arrived indicating the receipt of 1,000 soles.

What was actually done was avoid the payment of the Luca loan through the transfer of balance from a third party, but we do not know if this trick still works to this day.

We would like to know the opinion of our Chilean readers. What do you think of the Presta Luka system? Do you know any tricks?

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