Applications How to install Cydia? Although it is true that it is possibly the most mobile operating environment …

Although it is true that it is possibly the most stable mobile operating environment of all that we can have as users, we cannot lose sight of the fact that Apple’s iOS also has its own limitations. Indeed, versatility or customizability is not exactly one of the strengths of iOS, although we can always work to improve you in this regard.

Precisely, the first thing we want to consider in this regard is that although it is not too simple, we have the possibility of improving the appearance of our Apple mobile device that runs the iOS mobile OS. Whether it is an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch, we always have Cydia as a platform to customize maxed out our terminal, so let’s talk a bit about it.

From Cydia we have to highlight in the first instance that it is a kind of alternative application store to Apple’s official App Store, which stands out first of all for offering something different to iOS users. All Cydia applications are free, although to access them before we have to Jailbreak it to our Apple mobile, something we have taught to do in this link.


Installing Cydia on iOS

Assuming then that our Apple device has an effective jailbreak, then we will be much closer to being able to install Cydia and the applications that are part of it. Once all our contents have been backed up, we go to the PanGu official page at this link, which is the best official website to download Cydia on our computer.

Once we have entered this site, the following will be to download the Cydia .deb file, opening an SFTP client, and although there are several, we especially recommend the one called Cyberduck. Once we get to this point, we must navigate to / var / root / Media, creating the Cydia folder for this, so that we have everything neatly organized.

We then look for the Cydia folder that we said earlier, and within it we would have to find a new folder that in this case will be called AutoInstall, creating it if it does not appear. After that, it will have to be located inside this folder, passing at that moment to the package .deb, which will have to be downloaded in advance, in order to continue with the tutorial.

Once we have finished with all the elements mentioned so far, then what we will have to do is restart our terminal, something that we may have to repeat at least a couple of times. When we are done with all these steps, the last thing we would have to see to check the Cydia installation, is that it appears in the Springboard.