Applications LoopStation – Looper: Record your tracks with your AndroidMusic is one of those pleasures in life that …

The music It is one of those pleasures of life that no one can ever take away from us, since through it we express our feelings. There are people who had the good fortune to learn to play musical instruments and sing, create music. And this is where LoopStation – Looper plays their part, helping them create amazing tracks for their songs.

When creating music, it is often composed of the singing of a person and the sound of a musical instrument. However, this can be much better when combining several musical instruments, be it two or three.

If you are a person who knows how to play more than one musical instrument and you love creating music, then LoopStation – Looper is the application you need. Since it allows you to create your own tracks by converting your device Android on a musical instrument, allowing you to record sounds and voices and combine them to create a great song.


What is LoopStation – Looper?

LoopStation – Looper is the tool that every musician or artist should have installed on their device Android. So if you don’t have the resources for high-cost equipment that performs the same functions, you can record your music more economically and without losing quality.

This musical software has many features, the most outstanding being the possibility of synchronizing tracks (doubling) and combining them, so whoever masters the art of music and has this application, will be able to record their own songs with a very professional touch. .

LoopStation – Looper Features:

As you can imagine, an application developed in order to create music must have certain characteristics that allow it. Among which we can mention are:

  • Record synced tracks (dub).
  • Control volume by loop.
  • Save and load loops.
  • Record multiple bars.
  • Metronome.

But these are just the features for the free version. While the Premium version has many more features to allow the artist to create their songs with a more professional touch.l. The version Preium adds the following features:

  • Change the time of each loop individually.
  • Save an unlimited number of recordings.
  • Merge tracks.
  • Change the playback speed.
  • Add reverb.
  • Record sessions.
  • Export sessions to other applications such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, SoundCloud, mail,

Using LoopStation – Looper to record our songs:

The first thing you should do is download the application, which will be quite fast because it weighs only 21MB. So, you only need to open the application Google Play Store, find the app and download it in a few minutes.

When you have installed LoopStation – Looper on your device with Android, the first thing that you will be asked to do is calibrate your device.

To calibrate your device, you must do the following:

  1. First, you need to be silent, unplug your headphones, and set the device’s volume to 100%.
  2. Then, you must click on the button Start calibrating.
  3. Now, you will hear two tones emitted by your device and immediately a new screen will appear where you must align the high peaks of the sound wave to the red bars.
  4. You must drag the recording with your finger, you can drag it left or right, so that you can align the highest peaks of the wave with both red bars. If you don’t think you can, you can try again by pressing the button that appears below the recording in the shape of a circle.

Once you have calibrated your device Android You can connect the headphones and start recording as follows:

To record, you must press on any of the bars where it says Start recording and immediately the application will start recording, when you have finished, you must click on the same bar to stop the application and you will be able to adjust the time of it and when you have finished press on the bar again. If you didn’t like this, don’t worry, you just have to leave your finger on the bar and drag it down to eliminate the loop.


If you want to record with the help of the metronome, just tap on it before recording. Doing so will bring up more options to adjust your recording. You must click on the play button and then on any of the bars where it says Record overludto record synchronized tracks. Remember to use headphones, so that the sound of the metronome is not heard in your recording.


If you want to record or load any of your tracks, you must press the button that is located in the upper left part of the screen, where three horizontal white dashes appear, in this way, a screen will appear with the options Save (to save a track) and Load (to load any tracks that you have previously saved.

I want to make some adjustments to the metronome, reverb or calibrate my device again:

For this, you must access the same menu where the save and load options are presented. Here, there will be a third option “Settings “When entering it, you will have the option to recalibrate your device, you just have to press the button Recalibrate and a screen like the one shown the first time you open the application will appear.

In the same menu of Settings, two extra buttons will appear in addition to Calibration, these are: Metronome Y Reverb. Here, you can make extra adjustments to the metronome and the reverb. However, you must take into account that to access these last two settings, you must choose to acquire the Premium version of LoopStation – Looper.

How to get the Premium version of LoopStation – Looper?

For this, you must enter the application settings. You can do this by clicking on the button that is located in the upper left part of the screen, where three horizontal white dashes appear. Immediately upon pressing the button, a new screen will appear with various options. You must click on Upgrade.

Immediately, you will see a list of the functions that are added to the version Premium from LoopStation – Looper. If you want to acquire the Premium version, you just have to press the button Buy to start the payment process and acquire your paid version, which you will not regret, since you will get very useful functions and for a low price, no more than € 3.