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If we take a look at the Google Play Store, the App Store or any other official application store, we will be able to find a good number of applications and games, most of them we can download for free. However, not everything is good as these free applications usually include advertising. With Lucky Patcher you can remove ads from apps.

The presence of ads in free applications and games is highly variable. In some cases the advertising is hardly annoying, but there are cases in which this advertising can become quite annoying and even make it difficult to use the app.

Fortunately we are no longer doomed to see Google ads that developers have included in their applications, but we may use applications specifically designed to remove advertising in other apps.

Now if we want we can remove the ads that appear in the applications we use the most, but for this we will need the tool Lucky patcher, it is also necessary that our mobile is rooted.

However, it should be noted that Lucky Patcher can work without root access, what happens is that some of its features are only available to users with root access.

Remove ads from apps

Remove ads from apps with Lucky Patcher

The first thing to do is root the mobile in case you haven’t already done so. For this it can be useful this tool.

Once we have rooted the mobile, touch download APK Lucky Patcher, what is advisable to do from your website.

With the application already installed on the mobile we open it and through it we can see all the apps that are installed on our mobile or tablet and it will indicate if they have advertising. In case an app has advertising, the message will appear below it “Google Ads Found”.

We select the application from which we are interested in removing the ads and we will see a menu with different options. Click on “Open the Lucky Patcher menu”. In the next menu we choose “Remove Google Ads” and we go to another menu with two options in which we have to click on “Remove Google Ads” and then “Apply”.

We wait to patch the application and a message should appear congratulating us on having successfully removed the ads from the application.

Remove ads from apps

Next, we open the app from which we have removed the ads and everything should work normally, but with one difference, ads that interrupt our use of the application no longer appear.

In this simple way we can enjoy applications and games free of advertising and also do it completely free of charge. Many applications and games have on the Google Play Store a free version that contains advertising and a Pro version whose only difference is usually that it does not include ads.

With Lucky Patcher we can enjoy the applications as if they were a Pro version without ads and also do it without spending money.

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