Art Text: banners, headers and buttons

Art Text lets you modify vector shapes and text into graphics as they can be used later in Microsoft Office, iWork, and other applications. Art Text has been developed, according to the manufacturer, for users who want to create eye-catching presentations, brochures, postcards, business cards and websites.

The new Belight Software application includes more than 50 predesigned styles, 300 pictograms that can be used as fonts, and the Shading Pro utility that allows you to shade or cover any object with a 3-D shading material, thus providing the appearance of plastic, metallic object with a smooth or rough surface.

You can also fill or trace text or graphic shapes with different colors, gradients, or textures, apply shading and glow effects, combine text with background images, bend text using adjustable vector transforms or Bézier curves, and export the result in JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PNG formats among others.

Art Text requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and is presented as Universal binary. The price for a product license is $ 29.95.