Banning legitimate adult sites could lead people to …

Pornhub, the Canadian-based adult entertainment site, is one of the leading porn websites in the world. It was also one of 827 sites that were banned from Indian internet portals, but a number of other porn sites continued their stay.

the move to block 827 pornography sites were searched after news emerged of a minor girl’s gangrape at a boarding school in Dehradun, as reports indicated that the boys who raped the minor girl engaged in pornographic content before committing the crime.

According to a report in the Indian expressPornhub Vice President Corey Price reacted to this ban by the Department of Telecommunications by stating that the ban on porn sites is a “bad service to the people of India.”

He says that this ban could lead the Indian audience to access sites that may contain illegal content.

Pornhub, for which India is the third largest market, has definitely seen a hit in its numbers.

The government had even asked the internet service providers to block more than 800 porn sites. But according to a reportChief Justice HL Dattu had said: “This court cannot make such interim orders. Someone can come to court and say:” I am over 18 years old “and how can you prevent me from seeing you within the four walls of my room It is a violation of article 21. [right to personal liberty]. “

Price also says according to the Squeeze report, that “there are no laws against pornography in India and viewing adult content in private”, stating that Pornhub was being used as a scapegoat.

When there are various problems, such as illegal content floating around the Internet, Price claims that his site has “parental controls”, “strict terms of service” and even removes pages that have content without consent. He also indicated that blocking porn sites would also lead to an increase in the use of VPN software, rendering the ban useless.