Barcode scanner for wine enthusiasts

The Wine Collector 200 is a portable barcode reader associated with software that helps to control a wine collection. Through its use, the user can control the position of the bottles, calculate the maturity of the wine, view bottles on a color code called “Virtual Basement” and add personal catalogs. When the user drinks a bottle, they can scan it again and add the score of tasting.

Wine Collector 200 includes AJAX-based JavaScript and XML tools to allow the collection data to be shared on the Internet with other users, as well as to create a personal web page with the information of the wines that are registered in the collection. It also includes pre-printed labels so that the user can place them on the bottles that do not have a barcode and thus make them become part of the control system of the wines.

As standard the Wine Collector 200 is a scanner with USB connectivity, but you can also get a version of the reader that works via Bluetooth. The price of the base model of Wine Collector is $ 299 and for its correct operation it needs at least Mac OS X v10.3.