Beyond the Red Line, free Battlestar Galactica game

It is a 3-D action game set in space with which players are set in the second season of the series and have to defend humanity against the Cylons. Among the most noteworthy features of Beyond the Red Line are spaceships modeled in high resolution, original sound, single player mode developing game campaigns, multiplayer game possibility, etc.

It is a game developed exclusively by the followers of Battlestar Galactica, nothing of it has been developed or directed by Universal Studios, NBC or any other commercially interested party in the series.

At the moment Beyond the Red Line is available as a demo as the game is still in development. Despite recent news pointing to a commercial Battlestar Galactica game being developed, the project developers say they will continue to work on their project for as long as possible.

For its correct operation, the game needs a minimum of 512 MB of RAM memory, Intel or PowerPC processor at 933 MHz, Mac OS X v10.4, ATI Radeon 9200 or Nvidia GeForce 3 graphics card and 650 MB of free space in the game. HDD.