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Bias presents Peak Pro 6

Peak Pro 6 improves on the playlist feature built into the previous version of the product. It also adds editing and zooming capabilities to the sample level, layering / closing gaps and crossfades for mastering or “classic” workflows, as well as new navigation and listening controls.

Peak has also added several processing tools including Perpetual Looper, a new DSP feature that ensures loops from instrument samples independent of the beat used. The Pitch Envelope allows pitch changes to be controlled from a user-customized envelope, and the Convolve Envelope function offers dynamic control over the amount of convolution applied over time.

Similar to the feature built into the latest version of GarageBand, Peak’s Voiceover Ducking feature takes care of analyzing the amplitude of a speech and automatically adjusting the volume of a background mattress so that it drops to a suitable level during speech.

Peak 6 will be available early in the third quarter for a guide price of $ 599. Peak Pro XT 6 will be available for a guide price of $ 1,199, and Peak LE 6 will have a guide price of $ 129.